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Tropical Forests of the Amazon
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Image Data
Tropical Forests of the Amazon
Manaus, Brazil, South America
July 2000
The Amazon basin in South America contains the earth's largest expanse of tropical forests. This image was collected by the MISR sensor on the Terra satellite. Near the center is Manaus, Brazil, the largest city within the Amazon basin. The expansion of the urban and agricultural areas can be mapped using images such as this. Near Manaus is the point where the Negro and Solimoes rivers join to form the Amazon. The Negro carries little sediment; it has clearer water, which appears darker. The water from the two rivers does not completely mix until far downstream.
Satellite Image

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Satisfies National Science Education Standards: Physical Science: Motions and forces; Life Science: Populations and ecosystems; Science and Technology: Understandings about science and technology
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