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Parana River
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Parana River
Parana River, South America
May 2000
As rivers flow across the landscape they modify the land surface. The Parana River is the second largest river in South America, after the Amazon. This Landsat 7 image shows the point at which the Parana joins the Uruguay River to form the Rio de la Plata. The Uruguay River flows from north to south on the right side of the image. The Parana flows from the west, widening into a broad delta surrounded by forests and marshes. The colored lines cutting across the marshes indicate former courses of the river. The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is just off the image to the south.
Courtesy USGS, EROS Data Center
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Satisfies National Science Education Standards: Unifying Concepts and Processes: Change, constancy, and measurement; Physical Science: Properties and changes of properties in matter, Motions and forces; Life Science: Populations and ecosystems; Earth and Space Science: Structure of the earth system
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